Cart-Away Concrete - Paso Robles, Atascadero, North County

For the home owner or contractor, our trailered ready-mixed concrete is the cost effective way to complete your project.  From our 1/4 yard to 1 3/4 cubic yard capacity concrete trailers we can help your project go smoothly.  All you need is a 2 5/16" ball hitch on an appropriate rated pick-up truck and you are ready to go.  Cart-Away continuous mixing trailers are state of the art with reliable Honda motors coupled with computerized dispatch plant makes getting concrete easy and the right mix every time.  First 2 hours of cart-away trailers are free, any additional time will be charged at $20.00 per hour..

Hydraulic Rotation and Tilt for Mixing and Dumping

  • Mixes Concrete While Traveling
  • Large Internal Mixing Blades
  • Rear Operator Control Panel
  • Extends the Traveling Range

Cart-Away Concrete Pricing

Yardage 4-Sack 5-Sack 6-Sack
1-3/4 Yard $354.00 $367.00 $382.00
1-1/2 Yard $301.00 $315.00 $330.00
1-1/4 Yard $248.00 $262.00 $277.00
1 Yard $196.00 $210.00 $224.00
3/4 Yard $182.00 $198.00 $210.00
1/2 Yard $168.00 $186.00 $196.00
1/4 Yard $154.00 $174.00 $182.00

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